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Bing Satellites - Real Life and How To Avoid It

A collection of slow, drifting ambient diversions from real life
CD and download out now

Released by 24 July 2017

Bing Satellites - Real Life and How To Avoid It

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Bing Satellites - Real Life and How To Avoid It Bing Satellites - Real Life and How To Avoid It Bing Satellites - Real Life and How To Avoid It Bing Satellites - Real Life and How To Avoid It Bing Satellites - Real Life and How To Avoid It

A collection of slow, drifting ambient diversions from real life.

I don't know what I'd do without music.
It is my release. It is my chance to express ideas, thoughts and emotions that I could never share with words.

In my studio, I have found a way of exploring sounds easily.
Although I have played and moulded every note, every sound on this album, it feels like the music comes from somewhere else.

Using long, slowly decaying loops means I can never know exactly what I'm adding to. I just listen and delicately add touches here and there. The music seems to evolve of it's own accord but always, somehow, expresses something from within me.

I am often asked how I make so much music. Apart from obviously playing a lot, I have made it easy for myself: start with a blank canvas, play a note or two and add more when the mood takes me or it seems to fit. Also, this album is 69 minutes long. It took 69 minutes to record. Why make life difficult?

Rambling aside, I hope you enjoy this music. As ever, there will be more of this sort of thing soon.

Track title explanations

Once More An ode to the woes of waking up and having to go through this whole life thing once again. Be persistent!

Make It Your Own Originally entitled Find your own version of real life and make it your own.

How Do You Know When You're Finished? A quote from Community and Rick & Morty creator and all-round genius Dan Harmon. See it in the documentary Harmontown.

Reviews of Real Life and How To Avoid It

Brin does it again... such an amazing album.. his personal comments on the making of is so down to earth and from the heart, and so is his music. For sure that's why I love his work from early on. Ambient-aficionados, treat yourself, don't hesitate and grab this one. Put on your headphones and take this awesome journey... Favorite track: Make It Your Own.

Berkdrums on Bandcamp

Bing Satellites - Sunrise, South London, June 2016

Peaceful and atmospheric ambient EP
Download out now

Released by 25 June 2017

Bing Satellites - Sunrise, South London, June 2016

A little download-only treat: a track originally created for Free Floating Music's final release Reflection (available from freefloatingmusic.bandcamp.com).
You really should check out their catalogue. They were a big support to my music and some other fantastic ambient artists.

FFM wanted a version of the track without the birds, which I duly delivered. However, I always liked the version with the birds (and, in fact, the track was built around that recording), so here it is with extra ambience and a whole section of just the layered bird sounds, if that's your kind of thing :D

Bing Satellites - Snow Day

Warm, drifting ambient soundscapes
Out now on CD and download

Released by 5 June 2017

Bing Satellites - Snow Day

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Bing Satellites - Snow Day Bing Satellites - Snow Day Bing Satellites - Snow Day

Warm, drifting soundscapes.
Slow and bright sounds flowing all around you.

MCos is my ridiculously named home studio. A little room I have built up and changed over the years.
When the sun shines in Manchester (it does occasionally), I get sunlight all day. From this little room, I am aware of the elements. The changing light and the weather have an effect on my music.

This album is a celebration of my little room and its connection to the outside world.

For those who will ask, the following equipment was used on this album:
Novation Bass Station, Novation KS rack, Novation K Station, Korg TR Rack, Waldorf Blofeld, Roland SH-32, Yamaha CS1x, Guitar and Ebow, Reason, all going through Ableton Live.

More info on my studio at bingsatellites.com/about

Bing Satellites - Music from Mission Control or something

Deeply chilled ambient goodness
Out now on CD and download

Released by 6 May 2017

Bing Satellites - Music from Mission Control or something

Almost 80 minutes of deeply chilled ambient goodness.

A little celebration of the wonderful space I am lucky enough to have to make music.

What was once a small bedroom is not my studio. Enough room for all my gear but cosy and homely. Natural light (Manchester weather permitting) all day long and considering how central I am, reasonably quiet.

Watch the video for Hidden Shallows

It has taken many years to get this room to its current state, which is actually always evolving. I have tried to make a space where everything is within reach and where I can create music without worrying too much about the technical aspects of all the equipment working and communicating. I need, and through a lot of work, have a space where I can press Record and start improvsing with sounds.

I am asked on a regular basis how I can possibly make so much music (and everything else I do). This room is one of the reasons it is possible.

Reviews of Music from Mission Control or something

"It's almost too hard to keep up with Brin's stunning releases..., but here's yet another one of my favourite Bing Satellites albums... It's organic, floating, crawling, shining, twinkling, from pastoral ambient to pleasant humming drones...awesome!" - Berkdrums on Bandcamp

Bing Satellites - Castles In The Sky

Layered and very chilled ambient music.
Out now on CD and download

Released by 21 March 2017

Bing Satellites - Castles In The Sky

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Bing Satellites - Castles In The Sky Bing Satellites - Castles In The Sky

Further extensions of reality.

Three dreamlike ambient soundscapes.

Each track is composed of several improvised layers performed on piano, synths, with voice and on ebowed guitar, each playing in a loop of different length. As the loops repeat at different times, the music layers interact in different and unique ways: notes, motifs and harmonies that happen just once, never to be repeated.


Coming of age horror moving featuring my music
The complete soundtrack is now available to download - free for a limited time!


Marty is the ideal fifth grader. He gets good grades, listens to his teachers, and doesn’t start trouble in class. But darkness is beginning to fall over Marty’s life. The kids at school won’t stop picking on him, his parents just don’t seem to understand him, and now Marty must grapple with a terrible secret that threatens to destroy life as he knows it – his big brother is a serial killer! Brotherly love is put to the ultimate test in this emotional coming-of-age story that descends into full-blown horror.

I am very proud to be part of this truly original film.
There aren't many films which combine the depth of story and character which the darkest horror elements.

The movie also features music from Aaron Marshall as well as a score by Magician Johnson & Greg Wright.

Found has played at film festivals around the world, rightfully winning many, many awards (see foundmovie.net)
I was lucky enough to go to Brussels to represent the film at the 31st Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (pictures and more bifff.org for the European premiere where it recieved an enthusiastic reception.

Me being interviewed and singing(!) in front of a crazy audience of 400+
at the European premiere of Found at BIFFF

Here is a list of my songs featured in Found:
Soothing Image 1, Soothing Image 3, Soothing Image 13 from Soothing Images 1-15
Late Summer Meadows from Twilight Sessions volume one
Hidden Away For Years, Procession from Twilight Sessions volume six
Dark Clouds, The Hottest Day Of The Year (part 1) from Twilight Sessions volume eight
The Bay from Time

If you are interested in using my music for a film or other project, or indeed are looking for an original score, please feel free to contact me

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