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Please spend the time to check out some friends of mine.

I will be adding many more links to this page soon.

Bing Satellites on the web


the ambient visitor - deep and mysterious, generative ambient music - a project I am involved in.
the lovely moon - music for relaxation and meditation - a project I am involved in.
Blocker - The harder glitchy electronic side of my music.

riverrun - Daniel Land's cinematic ambient project. I play as part of the live version of this project.
All The Lost Souls - an collaboration between myself, piper_ben (Germany), Getzel (Mexico)

rebelradio.fm - I do a show on this independent station based in Barcelona, playing an eclectic mix of ambient, electronica, indie and punk.

Musicians and general noise makers

Altus - new age / ambient music
Carl Sagan's Ghost - beautiful ambient soundscapes
Cousin Silas - again, beautiful ambient soundscapes, only this time from Yorkshire
Crystal Dreams - ambient and new age music
Daniel Land & The Modern Painters - Manchester based shoegaze band
Gregg Plummer - ethereal ambient music
MagicVan - experimental music and fantastic artwork of Taren McCallan-Moore
Phillip Wilkerson - beautiful and warm ambient music
The Sunshine Factory - Alabama based shoegazers


BFW recordings - My very own netlabel. A wide variety of great music from around the world, all free to download. Ambient, shoegaze, indie, experimental, electronica and much more.
Free Floating - A blog, a radio show on stillstream.com and now a netlabel! This promises to be a great label for new ambient music.
Laverna - A fantastic Italian label which releases mainly ambient and experimental electronic music.

basic_sounds netlabel - Toronto based netlabel specialising in ambient electronica.
Earth Mantra - Superb netlabel. One of the corner stones of ambient music online.
USC - Some of the best ambient, electronic and experimental music around

Radio stations, podcasts and bloggers

Invisible Agent - some great ambient and electronica mixes including a fair bit of music by my good self and my friends on BFW recordings and beyond. All free to download too!
rebelradio.fm - The best radio station in the world. A wide and varied selection of shows covering all kinds of music from ambient to glitch to dub to indie to electronica. Lots of shows from music lovers and DJs across the world. Music, DJ mixes, interviews, news and reviews - all free! Listen online or download the podcasts.
Stillstream - your place of solace - quality ambient music radio online 24/7
Subzero Soundworks - Really good, quality podcast of ambient, chill-out, lounge, trip-hop, downbeat and the like broadcast every two weeks.
Tangerine Dream Fan Zone Radio - Chris Newman showcases some of the best electronic music from around the world with exclusive tracks and interviews.

Internet resources

Netlabel News - All the latest releases from netlabels around the world, all free to download.
Netlabels Index - Er... it's an index of netlabels.
Relaxed Machinery - An enthusiastic online ambient music community. Musicians, artists, netlabels and listeners sharing their love of ambient music.

Other assorted good persons and places of note

Sylvia's Candles - Just about the best candles you can get, all made from 100% natural soy wax. And very useful when recording ambient music!
Giant Squid Audio Lab - They are a fantastic little company who make top of the range microphones that are sturdy and come at a very reasonable price. They came recommended to me from Alcatriz at RebelRadio.FM
I use their microphones for field recordings and all my radio interviews.

Bing Satellites on the web:

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