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Alive in Lincoln

A live ambient concert in Lincoln's wonderful Weird Garden,
out now on CD and download

Released by 5 August 2019

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Bing Satellites - Alive in Lincoln Bing Satellites - Alive in Lincoln Bing Satellites - Alive in Lincoln

The music on this album was performed and recorded live. Each performance was completely improvised using synths and ebowed guitar and a series of generative loops.

My performance was part of a concert celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing.
Being passionate about astronomy and music, this was the perfect event for me and helped shape the music I played.

Weird Garden is by far my favourite gig venue to date: a small, quirky artspace with an audience of interesting, interested and lovely people. I hope I get to play there again!

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Please note:These are improvised performances recorded live. You may find one or two sound quality issues but this should not affect your enjoyment of these recordings. I wanted to preserve these recordings to as close as what was performed.

Please also note: I have used this cover photograph before for my now defunct radio show. It is the best photograph I have ever taken of the Moon and shows where the area where the Apollo 11 mission first landed on the Moon. I felt it was apt to use this for the cover of this album.

Many thanks to Izzy Turnbull and to everyone at Weird Garden for such a warm welcome and a wonderful event.

I will be performing at Weird garden in Lincoln on 20 July, so expect more live music soon.


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