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Extensions of Reality

Chilled out, atmospheric ambient album, out now on CD and download

Release date: 10 December 2016

Bing Satellites - Extensions of Reality

Available on CD:
Bing Satellites - Extensions of Reality Bing Satellites - Extensions of Reality Bing Satellites - Extensions of Reality

A very chilled out, atmospheric ambient album from prolific ambient composer Bing Satellites.

I am particularly proud of this album. I am forever trying to find new ways of creating music. This album, like its predecessor How To Make A Person Whole Again, is made up of improvised layers of different lengths. While when they were initially recorded they were played in a way that deliberately interacts with what came before it, each time they repeat, they interact in ways that could not be forseen.

Each track is generative: several layers of music in loops of slightly different lengths (think Music for Airports), so the music drifts and the different elements interact in different ways as the music progresses.

Reviews of Extensions of Reality

"Comprised of three longer compositions, the brilliance of the album unfolds with 22-minute "A Dream Within A Dream". Calmly emerging curtains are soon permeated by ear-titillating meridians, while deep drone stratum inconspicuously sneak in and steals the center stage for some time. Nebulously graceful choirs arise as well and join this gorgeously expansive spectacle. Splendidly immense horizons are deliberately revealed, while ethereal piano glimpses shift the composition into delightfully evocative vistas. An awe-inspiring voyage to the deepest ends of fascinating atmospheric Eden waits each dedicated pair of ears. "A Dream Within A Dream" is a true sonic ambrosia connecting to the soulfully imaginative haven of Bing Satellites!!! I am really grateful for letting his sonic insignias to fully reveal all its ultimate magic on me, thank you, Maestro!!! Man, how could I miss such immersing listening experience? "Where One Room Is Also Another", which runs to almost 17-minute mark, keeps safely on the path of serenely encircling drift zones guarded by angelic choirs. Gently nuanced, free-floating movements continuously delve profoundly into endless spaciousness of sweeping panoramas, here and there reinforced by clandestinely climaxing layers. This tranquil ride can't be wrapped up in a better way than by a composition entitled "Gliding Slightly Above The Ground". Incredibly infinite quietudes persistently drift and undulate, while occasional pastoral blankets percolate through voluminously monochromatic flow. And then transcendentally cascading choirs invade and guide us into breathtakingly monumental and tenebrously delightful sceneries, towards the end magnified by chimerically shimmering vertexes. Welcome to the Drone Eden!!!" - Richard Gürtler on Hypnos

"Another masterpiece by Brin, who has been producing great works since 2009 under this moniker. This is a must listen." - Brian Bourassa on Bandcamp

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