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Just for a Moment

A collection of atmospheric piano music out now on CD and download

Released by 7 July 2018

Bing Satellites - Just for a Moment

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Bing Satellites - Just for a Moment Bing Satellites - Just for a Moment

A quiet album of atmospheric piano music.

On a particularly inspired day, I decided to try to improvise some music on the piano playing just one note at a time. This, what I decided to call, momentary music makes up the majority of this album. The atmospheres created in these momentary-style recordings inspired the other pieces on this album.

I created individual piano sounds for each piece. Each piano seemed to have its own mood and an atmosphere which made improvising a joy.

I am forever striving to make music that is increasingly minimal, to tap into a form of expression using as little as possible. This has taken the form of the generative music of The Ambient Visitor and the one note wonders of Ghost Harmonics.

As an improviser, I have to listen. As my music gets more minimal,I feel I am listening more, falling into the sounds and making music that is more personal, more expressive.

As I write, I feel this album is the pinnacle of my musical output thus far - the cherry on my giant ambient music cake. Mmm cake.

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