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Bing Satellites releases

Click on each album cover for more info and download links for each release.

This is a complete list of releases, newest first, including remixes and production work, as well as music I have released under the guises of
The ambient drones of Bill Baxter (Longform ambient drones),
The Ambient Visitor (longform generative ambient drones),
Blocker (harder electronic music),
Ethereal Ephemera (peaceful ambient music),
Ghost Harmonics (minimalist and deeply ambient longform drones),
Infinity Wave (dark industrial ambient drones),
Kowalski Room (minimal experimental ambient),
The Lovely Moon (positive and relaxing generative music) and
Theta Wave Orchestra (experimental space ambient).

You can also see a complete timeline of every release I have been involved in HERE.

new and recent releases


film soundtracks

atmospheres & textures

ambient archives

Only available to subscribers. More info/subscribe at bingsatellites.bandcamp.com/subscribe

twilight sessions

More info: www.bingsatellites.com/twilight

soothing images


ambient live / mostly ambient radio sessions

other solo releases

releases under different names

kowalski room

minimalist phasing ambient
More info: kowalskiroom.com

theta wave orchestra

deeply chilled ambient music
More info: thetawaveorchestra.com

ethereal ephemera

delicate space ambient
More info: etherealephemera.bandcamp.com

ghost harmonics

Minimalist and deeply ambient drones
More info: ghostharmonics.com

the ambient visitor

Longform generative ambient drones
More info: theambientvisitor.com

the lovely moon

Chilled out generative music for relaxation
More info: www.thelovelymoon.com


Harder electronic music
More info: blocker.bandcamp.com

infinity wave

Experimental ambient noise art
More info: infinity-wave.bandcamp.com

the ambient drones of bill baxter

deeply chilled ambient music
More info: billbaxter.co.uk

collaborations, remixes and production

with Daniel Land

More info: www.danielland.co.uk

other collaborations

compilation appearances

christmas albums

album in a day

I heard something in the distance - a BFW recordings sampler

Bing Satellites on the web:

New and recent releases

more releases...

All music released under a Creative Commons license.
Creative Commons license

(Licences for compilation albums and outside projects may vary - please check before using)

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