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Complex Silence 18

experimental ambient album

Released by Treetrunk Records 27 August 2011

Bing Satellites - Complex Silence 18

I am very happy to announce that my latest release is part of the Complex Silence series.

They are a series of ambient albums by different artists curated by Phillip Wilkerson.

Perhaps Phillip's own words describe them best...

Complex Silence is an ambient music project and series of releases that venture into the realms of enigmatic and abstract ambience.

Each Complex Silence release features a different artist. The creative challenge is to explore the depths of long-form ambient music composed entirely of extremely subtle changes, dissonant harmonies, stretched-out harmonics, abstract tone washes, layers of mystical atmospheres, or field recordings, but without straying too far from beauty, mystery, or wonder.

Artists involved so far include Mystified, Tange, Cousin Silas and Phillip Wilkerson himself, so I am in very good company.

About the album...

This recording is an excerpt from a larger theoretical work.

The music is performed on two instruments, each playing fourteen different notes on a continuous loop.

The length of each loop differs slightly (from just under 1 minute 17 seconds to just over 1 minute 19 seconds), so while there is relatively little variation throughout the piece, it would take a very long time to exactly repeat itself.

If each loop starts and plays a note at 0:00, the section you can hear on this recording starts at 20 hours, 30 minutes and 55 seconds.

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