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Blue Skies & Cherry Blossom

A very chilled and peaceful ambient album out now on CD and download

Released by 26 May 2018

Bing Satellites - Blue Skies & Cherry Blossom

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Bing Satellites - Blue Skies & Cherry Blossom Bing Satellites - Blue Skies & Cherry Blossom

A very chilled and peaceful ambient album, improvised and recorded live.

Each piece starts off as a blank canvas. I create a range of sounds on laptop, synths and guitar before I begin. I press record and play a few notes into a long, slowly decaying loop and see where the music takes me.

Creating music this way seems to tap into anything I feel or wish to express at that time much more explicitly than if I had purposefully written a piece of music. This method of creating music seems to tap into my unconscious and my emotions.

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